I’m thinking

I’m thinking about moving my main shop.
I can’t tell when and where, I’ll move very quick when I found nice land.
I’m telling you this so you won’t get surprised nor worried seeing nothing left in Dachstein near future.


I changed my mind again, I’ve just moved the store down, as you might have noticed already.



Few people sent me notecards warning me that my product is copybotted and stolen… thank you so much for letting me know.
Even though I knew this might happen as long as I’m selling products, it’s still quite sad to hear someone had stolen my work. Not just me, but it’s also not fair for my customers who bought the product from me properly.

I’ve reported Snookums Snoodle, the copybotter to Linden already. I’m not sure wether Linden will do work for me, though. I’ll ban the access of Snookums san out from my land later.

thank you

I guess he’s gone for now. Thanks for your supports. 🙂

Hasendow–newborn fire

newborn fire2

prim: 108 prims
WindLight: Y
Flexi: N
Script: animated fairy & pixie dust particle on / off
Permission: Copy only, or Trans only

Price: 120L$
free demo available

Poetik Party

on May 20th at Sintetika.
please see nur Moo san’s flyer for more info, and check out her art work too… beautiful red silhouette. 🙂

Hasendow–old tv

prim: 4 prims
WindLight: N
Flexi: Y
Script: N
Permission: Mod + Trans

Price: 30L$ each, 120L$ for fat pack

Hasendow–party stripe

prim: 4 prims
WindLight: N
Flexi: Y
Script: N
Permission: Mod + Trans
Price: 50L$ each, 200L$ for fat pack

Hasendow–doctor from Venice

plague doctor 1

… but there was no plague in this world.

9 prims for mask & hat
15 prims for each shoulders with cloak
7 prims for neck with cloak
jacket on jacket layer + shirt layer
2 primmed sleeves
gloves layer
skirt layer
pants layer
shoes layer
WindLight: N
Flexi: Y
Script: N
Permission: Copy + Mod, or Trans + Mod
Price: 700L$
Free demo head available